Thrive Architect Update & GoDaddy Conflict Breaks Website

Thrive Architect and GoDaddy conflict is one of the common issue I have seen till now. I have been working with Thrive Architect for over 2 years, one thing remained the same. In a GoDaddy managed WordPress website, trying to update Thrive Architect breaks the website  most of the time. Finally ending up with an “HTTP Error 500”. There is no way at all to access the WordPress admin, because the site is already broken. Don’t worry, I know how to fix it and I will give you the solution. Please keep on reading to comprehend the situation better.

Okay, so why am I specifically blaming GoDaddy? Because I have also worked with Thrive Architect hosted by other hosting providers such as Bluehost and even Namecheap, but this problem didn’t occur.

In all of the websites where I tried to update Thrive Architect and it broke the site, were all hosted by GoDaddy. Well if you are an unfortunate person, who have already broken the site. Then there are two things you can do: 

Delete Thrive Architect manually via FTP, and then reinstall it via the product manager. This would ensure that you get the updated version. Please read this blog to fix your broken website. 

Another thing you can do to recover your website and update Thrive Architect. That is simply restore one of the previous backup kept by GoDaddy. In case you are not aware, GoDaddy keeps backups of previous 30 days. When you restore the backup, then the website should be working. Then simply login to your WordPress website, then delete the Thrive Architect plugin. Then simply reinstall the latest version of Thrive Architect using the “Product Manager” plugin. Don’t worry, all the content you previously created using Thrive Architect will remain the same, once you reinstall and activate the plugin.

I would suggest you follow the second way. Because deleting Thrive Architect using the FTP is quite time consuming and also it is very technical. This is a proven way to fix the conflict between Thrive Architect and GoDaddy, I have done it several times, my clients also paid me to do it. But in case these two methods fail, you can also contact Thrive Themes support. Simply give them the access to your WordPress website, they will fix the issue for you.