WordPress, Elementor, Thrive Themes and beaver builder Services

Lysa Greer
Lysa Greer
Digital Producer
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Tasvir is SUPER impressive. He executed work on a new plugin we needed in no time and was EXTREMELY efficient in completing the work.
Tiffiny Fambro
Tiffiny Fambro
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Tasvir did a really great job. I've worked with him 2 times before and he always follows directions thoroughly and is very responsive. He is also very creative with Thrive Architect in WordPress.
Atanas Piskachev
Atanas Piskachev
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WOW, just WOW! Tasvir made my website looks like it costs thousands of bucks. He works mega quick, not expensive and valuable. Also, he is a good English speaker so that makes the communication with him easy.
Paula Pollock
Paula Pollock
Digital Marketer
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Tasvir is excellent with Elementor, Thrive and WP. He knows each and can make recommendations when I request elements that don't work the way I hope. He's a very collaborative developer.

At some point every small or medium sized business need their own websites. But hiring a developer to make a traditional website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript will cost you thousands of dollars. In 2021 this is completely unnecessary. With WordPress you can have your own website for a way more reasonable price. But learning about WordPress and spending the time to build a full website yourself will waste a lot of your time.

This is where I come in. I can make your site using WordPress and Elementor page builder. If you already use or have Thrive Themes and plugins installed on your website I can make landing pages or full websites using that. 

I also can work with Beaver Builder if you have that.

I can manage your WordPress site, manage or update pages made with Elementor, Thrive Themes or Beaver Builder. Make sure that the site is working well and support you in case anything breaks by accident.

I have been working with WordPress Thrive Themes and Elementor since 2017. I have worked with hundreds of clients. I have many repeat clients with whom I have been working for years.

Video Testimonial from Dr. Carlos Todd

Dr. Carlos Todd is an anger management consultant, he lives in North Carolina. He provides anger management consultant services on his websites masteringconflict.com and masteringanger.com. I contributed heavily in building two of these sites. I have been working with him since 2017. Please watch video testimonial below to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To have a website you would firstly need a domain and hosting. We are going for self hosted WordPress. You can purchase the hosting from WP Engine. You can buy the domain from NameCheap.

To get started with my services simply fill up the form below with details about the work. If you do not have a budget in mind then simply type in 10 as placeholder when requesting the quote.

For a standard single page landing page I charge around $50. But if the page is very long then the pricing might increase to $80, $90, $100 etc.

And for a standard five pages site Home, About, Services, Contact and Blog I charge around $150. Once again price might vary depending on the length of each page.

I only install the premium plugin Elementor Pro for building the sites. But for that it is mandatory that you make the initial payment for the project.

When it comes to Thrive Themes and plugins, you will need to have those installed on your website. Same thing with Beaver Builder.

For any project with estimated cost below $100, you will need to make the payment in advance. For example, if I give you a quote of $85, then you will need to pay the $85 in advance. Then I will complete the work.

For projects with estimated costs over $100, you can pay me 50% in advance, the rest 50% after the full project is completed. For example if the cost of the project is $500, then you pay me $250 in advance, the rest $250 after the full project is finished.

You can pay me for my services using Payoneer. I live in Bangladesh, we do not have PayPal in country. So paying through Payoneer is the only option.

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