Why Elementor became so popular so quickly

Why Elementor became so popular so quickly

As of right now, Elementor is one of the most and if not the most popular WordPress page builder. But the question is, why did Elementor became so popular so quickly? Over taking popular page builders such as Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer etc? Read the full blog to find out!

I am simply going to point out three reasons why!

Top Notch Free Version

When I first started working with Elementor in late 2017, it was the only free front-end wordpress page builder with which you could build something awesome. Lets be honest, the free version of beaver builder is absolutely shit! Only four modules. Not only that! When you try to edit any form of text, it pops up in a WordPress editor. The other so called popular page builder Divi is not free! I am still posting this blog using Elementor and not Gutenberg. And so are other millions of bloggers around the world!

Theme Builder

Elementor is one of the easiest to use page builder. I still remember, spending hours in the WordPress backend trying to configure the headers, footers and the blog page using the theme options. It was a big pain, custom designed headers and footers was absolutely out of the question! But when Elementor released the theme builder, it became ridiculously easy to make custom headers and footers.

Easy to transfer templates

It is so damn easy to transfer Elementor templates from one WordPress site to another! I don’t know how they manage to do this. But their templates are in Jason formats, and are only a few kilobytes in size! 

Tons of Free & Paid third party addons for Elementor

As Elementor grew bigger so did it’s community. As of right now, they have tons of free and paid third party addons for Elementor, providing even more options and functionalities! There are now tons of themes such as OceanWP and Astra which welcomed Elementor with open arms and made their themes in such a way, that it is absolutely easy to setup Elementor with their themes.


If you are a new WordPress user, then go straight for Elementor. Firstly try out the free version with theme such as Astra. Try importing some demos and then try editing them. I think you will enjoy it. When you think you need more functionalities, then you can go for the pro version of Elementor and other addons available.

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