Best Free WordPress theme for Thrive Architect

Best Free WordPress theme for Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is one of the best front-end WordPress editors like others such as Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder etc. It has a great User Interface and it is very easy to use. But unlike other front-end page builders such as Elementor, it does not have a Theme Builder. Which means no custom header, footer, or custom looking blog pages. Thrive Themes who made Thrive Architect, provide their own themes for Thrive Architect, such as Rise, Ignition, Pressive etc. But all of them are absolutely awful!

Problem with Themes from Thrive Themes

Unlike Thrive Architect, all the themes from Thrive Themes are extremely difficult to use. Themes such as Rise, Ignition, Pressive etc. are absolutely awful. Below I am  noting down a few very points why the Themes from Thrive Themes are so bad.

  • Very difficult to change the logo
  • Only three footer widget areas
  • No option to change the footer color
  • No option to change font-family in header
  • No straignt option to set a transparent header
  • No thin top header for phone number and social icons.
  • Footer area looks absolutely ugly with uneven margin, padding etc.
  • No 100% full-width option, there is always some margin and padding when you create a new page, even though you choose the “Full Width” option from the page options.

As a professional with Thrive Themes and Thrive Architect, I know how to do these changes. Because I have been doing it more than 2+ years. But for a beginner this is absolutely awful. That is why, I would suggest another WordPress theme instead of using the Themes from Thrive Themes. 

The best free WordPress theme for Thrive Architect

So which theme should you use for Thrive Architect? In my opinion “OceanWP” theme is the best free theme for Thrive Architect. You will find almost all the customization options in the theme customizer. There is an option for Transparent header, variable number of footer widgets. Changing footer color, 100% full-width option etc. For more options for individual page, you can also install their free addon plugin called “Ocean Extras”. Trust me, this free WordPress theme would make your life much easier. Below I am posting the screenshot of the exact theme and plugin you should install.

Best free theme for Thrive Architect

India $1295