When To Use Self Hosted WordPress and When not to

WordPress is the most popular topic in the web right now. According to a study from Kinsta, WordPress now powers a staggering 32% of all the websites in the world!

There are two types of WordPress, WordPress.org and WordPress.com .

WordPress.org is self-hosted, meaning that we need to buy our own hosting and install WordPress software in the hosting in order to use wordpress.

Nowadays web developer community is divided into two parts. One for using wordpress to build websites for clients, another purely against wordpress.

In my opinion, sometimes it is appropriate to WordPress and sometimes it is not!

When to Use WordPress?

1) When you need a Good Website Quickly

About 5-6 years ago people did not prefer WordPress if they needed a custom designed website. But now as of 2019, with the help of advanced page builders such as Elementor, Thrive Architect, Divi, Beaver Builder etc. Building custom designed websites is faster and more efficient than ever before!

I have designed over 200 full WordPress websites and landing pages only within a year! It takes me on an average three days to design a nice looking WordPress website.

So if you need a website in record time, which you can update, add more functionalities in the future. Then WordPress is the way to go!

2) When you are on a tight budget

WordPress designer and developers charge comparatively lower than traditional Web developers, who code a website from scratch. Obviously coding a website from scratch is a ton of work, so it is normal for them to charge you around 2000-3000 dollars for a simple site. On the other hand, wordpress developers like myself charge around 500-1000 dollars for a site.

Clients usually pay wordpress professionals for their knowledge, not their work. It took me about one year to completely master WordPress. So they are paying me to save their time.

3. When you need a blogging website

WordPress was originally made for blogging. It is extremely SEO friendly. With plugins like Yoast SEO, it takes only a few minutes to index your website to Google and Bing, also it is very easy to submit the site map to Google Search Console.

It is really easy to post and organize blogs into different categories in WordPress.

4. When you need an eCommerce website

It is possible to build eCommerce with Shopify. But Shopify does not have a huge community like WordPress. WordPress has the most popular eCommerce plugin, called WooCommerce. Not only WooCommerce provides a ton of options and functionalities themselves but other developers also develop new types of plugins to extend its functionalities even further.

When Not To Use WordPress

1.When Security is the First Priority

If you are taking sensitive information from your users such as credit card information or other personal information. In that case WordPress might not be such a good idea, as it is prone to hacking. So in this case do not use WordPress.

2.When you always need the site active

Sometimes you may need the site to be active and up and running all the time. It may be to always show some important data which is changing all the time. If the site is down for several hours, it might cost you and its users a lot of money.

WordPress is known very well for breaking. Even a simple plugin update sometimes breaks the WordPress website. You can have a read at the article of how I fixed a broken WordPress website.

In this case it is better to get in touch with a web agency instead of a freelancer. Who will have a team to make a custom website in a reasonable time.

3. When you need a simple static website

If you are a barber, restaurant owner or do local business in your area. If you need a static website to only show some contact information such as phone and email, and some texts and images regarding the services you provide. Then it is best if you do not use WordPress.

Why? Because every time a user requests a web page from a WordPress site, it generates the content and then sends it to the user. This increases the load time and also puts pressure on the hosting.

Having a simple static website made with basic HTML, CSS and maybe bootstrap will load the site crazy fast! Maybe even less than a second.

If you are running Facebook ads then better have a non-WordPress site. You would not want a visitor to leave due to slow website, especially if you have already paid for that visitor.


I have simply pointed out instances when to use WordPress and when not to. It is now upto you to decide which type of website you want.

If you need a WordPress website, then you can contact me for a custom quote. Or you can also hire a freelancer from Upwork or Fiverr.

If you need a custom site made from scratch, then you better contact Web Agency in your local area. So you can meet with them in person and discuss of how to exactly to make your site.

If you have any queries, please feel to comment below.

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