Top 5 Ways you can use Slider Revolution

Top 5 Ways you can use Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a very advanced WordPress plugin. Even though most people might think about it as just another WordPress slider plugin, but it’s not! In this blog, I am going to let you know about 5 things you can do with the slider revolution. It is better you know these beforehand, so you do not end up buying another WordPress plugin.

Most ThemeForest theme comes with the Slider Revolution plugin installed. But they do not have their license activated, which means you will not get any future updates or features. If you are unable to update your plugin, it might make your WordPress site vulnerable to attacks. Go get the Licence key for Slider Revolution, Please Click Here.

1. Images with text overlay

You can use the slider revolution to show many images with less space as the images would slide. You can put navigation arrows or bullets for navigation. This is best to show product images with descriptive texts about it.

slider revolution image carousel

2. Show Featured WordPress posts

Interested to show a few of your important WordPress posts in the slider? Then Slider Revolution can do that too! Slider Revolution would atomically pull your existing posts, use your featured image as the background, and shows the date also the title the way you want. You can also use taxonomies such as categories and tags to show only a few specific WordPress posts.

3. Instagram Slider

Are you a heavy Instagram user? Most probably yes if you are a model, fashion designer, graphics designer, etc. You can easily connect your own Instagram account with slider revolution and show all the images, or some latest images of your Instagram account. When people would land on your website, they will be able to see how popular you are. Shows the likes, comments etc. No need to download and install another Instagram plugin, which may break your site.

slider revolution instagram slider

4. Testimonial Slider

Well, if you own a page builder like Thrive Architect, which does not have any sort of slider. Then the slider revolution can save you from a lot of troubles. You can simply make a cool-looking testimonial template, then duplicate the template. You can also have some cool effects that traditional WordPress testimonial sliders or built-in testimonial sliders in page builders do not have.

5. Logo Carousel

You can use Slider Revolution to set up a logo carousel to show off your client’s logos in a cool way. You can tweak minute details such as transition animation, duration etc.

slider revolution logo carousel


I have only one word to describe Slider Revolution, and that is “Awesome”. I started my career working with this amazing plugin in 2017. It has been two years I have been working with this. Every time I work with this, I learn something new about it.

So if you do not have a slider in your page builder, you can consider buying this, at this link. If you need help with Slider Revolution, then please feel free to contact me.

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