Top 5 Reasons To Hire a WordPress Professional

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a WordPress Professional

WordPress is one of the best way to create a website, it is easy to upload contents and very SEO friendly.

But nowadays, there are a bunch of “Know it All” jerks, who can write a few lines of HTML and CSS and consider themsleves as developers.

They think that WordPress is the worst way to make a website. Also they think that it is absolutely easy to make a website with WordPress. They say that hiring a WordPress professional like myself is wasting money!

Is that so? O’really!!

I am a WordPress Professional. In this blog I am going to share with you top five reasons of why you should hire a WordPress professional.

1. Saving Time

Tell me what is the most valuable thing in your life? Money? HELL NO!! It’s time!

Once time goes away, it’s gone. You can never bring it back!

There are plenty of videos on Youtube which shows how to make a WordPress website from scratch. But guess what, each of them are 2-3 hours long!!

In a WordPress project, I worked for a client who provides consultant services. She charges her client $250 per hour for providing consultancy. Do you think it would be smart for her to waste 3 hours of her time to mess around with a WordPress website?? This would have incurred her a loss of around $250 x 3 = $750. Instead, she paid me $200, I did the work within a day.

The main thing is that you shouldn’t waste your time doing something you do not specialize in. Let an expert do it for you, this would cost you less time and save money.

2. Better Design

People like myself who deal with WordPress websites on a regular basis have a better design sense. I have made over 200+ websites with WordPress, I have seen many website designs. WordPress professionals have a much better design sense and in-depth knowledge about user interface.

I have seen many clients, who tried to make their websites themselves. Only ended up making a big mess!

After wasting a ton of time and money trying to make a WordPress website they ended up coming to me for help.

Most new entrepreneurs are like that, they try to do every single thing by themselves, which is non-sense.

3. Knowledge

WordPress professionals have better knowledge about the web and how it works. Only making a WordPress website is not good enough, there are other major things to take care of such as Google Analytics, Search console, speed, setting up the contact page and making sure everything works etc.

Obviously, if you do manage to make a WordPress website but it does not functions, then its simply useless.

4. Virtual Assistant

A WordPress professional can provide you on going support as a virtual assistant. They can upload blogs, optimize them for SEO.

There are other things they can do such as designing custom featured images, uploading images, talk with support agents on your behalf etc.

5. Advisor

As a WordPress professional, I also advise my clients on how to create contents, write new SEO friendly blogs etc. Helping them to choose the niche which will be perfect for them.


So if you need a WordPress professional, you can hire one from freelancing websites such as Upwork or Fiverr. Or you can also contact me, if you are interested in my WordPress services.

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