The Best WordPress Slider For Thrive Architect

The Best WordPress Slider For Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is without any doubt an awesome WordPress page builder. I have been using Thrive Architect for more than a year. I prefer Thrive Architect over Elementor when building a website for my clients.

Yes, thrive Architect is awesome, it is dedicated towards building conversion focused landing pages. But unfortunately, there is an issue with Thrive Architect!

There is no Slider in Thrive Architect

Yes, you have read it correctly. Even though Thrive Architect is full of amazing features, it does not have a slider.

In fact, they absolutely hate sliders! I have tried to request them to include a slider in the future, but they did not agree with me.

They claim that sliders are bad for conversions, makes a website slow etc. You can watch the following video where one of the founders of Thrive Themes(Shane) absolutely bashes Sliders.

When do you need Sliders?

Okay fine! I get that point when they say that sliders are bad for conversions. But the issue is when a client asks me to build a full website with Thrive Architect and also wants a slider!

Okay, let me list down the times when we need sliders:

  • Showing many images together in a single image carousel.
  • Showing many client logos using a logo carousel.
  • A dynamic carousel which will automatically show Instagram images in a carousel.
  • Showing some of your latest/popular WordPress posts.

So, the need for a slider is definitely there. So I had to find a solution for this and avoid all the embarrassment.

The Solution

So for this issue, I simply went to Codecanyon and bought the slider plugin which solve all the issues I have listed above.

That slider plugin is called the Slider Revolution 

This plugin only cost me $25. When activated it’s licence is valid for life. You will receive free updates forever when you activate it.

The best part is, you can download the latest version of the plugin from codecanyon and use it on other websites as many times you want.

The plugin would work on other sites, but you won’t be able to activate the licence key on other sites as it is for one site only. But to be honest that does not matter, it works absolutely fine.


This plugin has been really helpful for me to use different types of sliders with Thrive Architect. If you need a slider very badly, then you may check out the plugin by clicking the button below.

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