how to have vertical text in thrive architect

How to have vertical text in Thrive Architect

Having vertical text is not an in-built feature in Thrive Architect. But it is very easy to have vertical text in Thrive Architect using a simple line of CSS and making use of the concept of class.

Nowadays vertical is very trendy in web design. You can create the vertical text on photoshop and add it to your page as an image. That is all fine, but when you need to change the text, then you will need to make the image again and  add it again to your page.

Watch the video below and use the CSS and class name provided below to have vertical text in Thrive.

class: vertical

/*CSS codes*/

.vertical{transform: rotate(90deg);}

After you have made the text vertical using the CSS code above. Use the concept of “Absolute Positioning” to move the text into the right place.

If you do not have any idea of how to use CSS, then do not worry, simply follow along as shown in the video and use the CSS codes I have provided above. Copy and paste the CSS code in the Thrive Architect page, just go to advanced setting and custom CSS. Then add the class name to the text which you want to make vertical under HTML attributes. All the steps are shown in the video above in full detail, please have a look.

You can make the rotate angle to -90deg, so that the text reads from bottom to top instead of top to bottom. It purely depends on your preference.