How to have vertical text in elemetor pro

How to have vertical text in Elementor Pro

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builder on WordPress. It is powerful and easy to use. But some small features are missing in Elementor. One of them is having vertical text. As of this moment there is no option in the Elementor text editor to have vertical text. But you can easy do that using a simple one line CSS code and the concept of classes.

class: vertical
 /CSS codes/
 .vertical{ transform: rotate(90deg);}

Please watch the video below. I have explained everything in full detail with the steps you need to follow.

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You only need to add the CSS code once, then you can implement the same vertical text just by adding the class name to the title elements. After adding the CSS code and class. After the text becomes vertical you will need to use the absolute positioning option in Elementor to move it around and place it exactly where you want to.

Vertical text is a very trendy thing in web design nowadays. Most modern designers include it in their designs nowadays. This simple tutorial is dedicated to absolute beginners of WordPress Elementor. It is for graphic designers who want to implement their own design themselves without letting developers in between. Now you can implement your own design EXACTLY the way you want using Elementor. You can get the pro version of Elementor from here.