How to setup Thrive Architect on click Popup with an opt-in / signup form

Most newbies who buy Thrive Architect think that they need to buy another Thrive plugin called “Thrive Leads” in order to show popups. But this is not true, you can easily setup popups using the “Thrive Lightbox” feature of Thrive Architect. Even though you will not get ready made popup templates but it will save you an additional $67. 

In some cases it is better to show a subscription form via a popup instead of directly embedding it on the page. Because when a user sees they he or she will need to fill out a form to get the subscription/free e-book etc. they might be turned off. Showing the form in a popup form might improve the conversion rate as the popup removes all the distraction and prompts the user to signup the form only.

In this blog post, I will show you step by step how you can use Thrive Architect only to set up an on click popup form in a Thrive Architect landing page. The popup will have have an opt-in or signup form, and a nice progress bar at the top of the form showing “Almost Finished”

If you want to have an advanced Cost Estimation Form, Payment Form, Booking Form, Application Form, Survery Form or Reservation Form in your popup then please check out Nex Forms plugin on Codecanyon.

STEP 1: Create a new page and import a Thrive Architect Landing page template with a button

To save time, I am going to simply create a new page and then import a Thrive Architect landing page template with a button in it. In this blog we are more concerned about how to create the popup and connect it with the button to make it appear on click of the button. Please have a look at the screenshots below. You can click on the images to enlarge them.


STEP 2: Add a new Thrive Lightbox

Now to a few easy steps, create a new Thrive Lightbox from the wordpress backend. Add the “lead generation” and “progress bar” elements to the Thrive Lightbox. The screenshots of the steps are below. Please click on the images to enlarge them.


STEP 3: Connect the Thrive Lightbox with the button

In this step we will connect the Thrive Lightbox we made to the landing page button. So that the Thrive Lightbox, or popup appears when you click on the button. Please view the screenshots of the steps below. Click on anyone of them to enlarge.


Final Words

So this is how you create a Thrive Lightbox and connect it with the button in your Thrive Architect landing page. No need to buy or use Thrive Leads plugin for this task.

Hope you have found this blog helpful. If you run into any issues, then please feel free to contact me.