Thrive Architect and Free WordPress Astra Theme, A Perfect Combination

Thrive Architect is an awesome page builder with top-notch user interface and conversion focused landing page templates. The best thing about Thrive Architect is that you do not need to renew it’s licence every single year. You make a single $67 payment, then you get unlimited updates for life.

But the biggest weakness of Thrive Architect is that it does not have the theme builder options, you cannot control the theme header, footer, and blog page layouts. To have the theme builder options you will have to buy their “Thrive Theme Builder” plugin, which will cost you additional $97. To read more about Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder, you can read this blog.

But in this blog post I am going to discuss about the benefits of using a free and very popular WordPress theme called “Astra”. Astra theme is 100% compatible with Thrive Architect. It is much better than the themes Thrive provides such as Ignition, Rise, Pressive etc. The Thrive Theme Builder works fine with Thrive Architect but as I have mentioned earlier, it comes with a big additional cost.

Let me discuss some of the benefits of using Astra theme with Thrive Architect.

100% Full Width Layout Option

Astra theme has an option where you can set the layout of a page to 100% full width. There will be no annoying margin, padding, etc. Thrive Architect will take up the full page width, and you will be able to make beautiful full-width pages.

Normally when you are working with Thrive Architect with their themes, you will have to “stretch”  each of the section manually to full width. But when you are using Astra theme this problem does not exist, just set the page layout to full width stretched and you are good to go.

Astra Theme Page Layout Options

Clean Header and Footer

Astra provides a clean header and footer option. Astra theme header is very simple, logo on the left hand corner and navigation menu on the right. The header takes up very less space and is not at all distracting.

The footer of Astra theme is also very clean. The copyright text is on the left hand side and the footer menu is on the right hand side. You can include 4-5 footer widgets.

Astra Theme Header above the hero section
Astra Theme Footer

Very easy to use theme customizer

The Astra theme customizer is very easy to use. You can almost do everything from the theme customizer. Change the logo, customize the footer, header, etc. 

Using the Astra theme customizer you can set global google fonts and separate fonts for each of the header tags. Thrive Architect flawlessly inherits the fonts set from the Astra theme customizer.

Astra Theme Customizer

Transparent Header Option

It is very easy to set transparent header to pages using the Astra theme. You can set transparent header throughout the entire site or to a few selected pages. Thrive Architect also flawlessly integrates with it without any issues at all!

Astra Theme Header Overlapping the hero image

Astra Theme is incredibly fast

Astra theme is very well known for it’s fast load time. In one of my website I switched from another theme to Astra theme, the load time decreased from 1.5 seconds to only 800 milliseconds.

Final Words

If you are looking for a free WordPress theme for Thrive Architect then go straight for the Astra theme, you won’t regret it. It is not only perfect for Thrive Architect but also for other page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder etc.

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