How to Make a Looping Video Background section in Thrive Architect

How to Make a Full Width Video Background section in Thrive Architect

Video background is a part of modern web design. It is a very trendy thing, you will see many popular websites having a video background with a dark overlay and texts on top of it.

It brings in a kind of movement and a life to the website. It is very easy to make a looping video background section in Thrive Architect. If you are a Thrive Architect user, this knowledge might help you greatly in your future projects.

Let me include the steps below of how can you make a nice full width video background using Thrive Architect.

STEP 1: Create a new page and Launch Thrive Architect

From the WordPress back end, create a new page, give it a name. Then either save it as a draft or publish it, whichever you feel comfortable with. Then simply launch Thrive Architect.

STEP 2: Hide the top and bottom sections in order to make the background video section stand out.

If you have the Thrive Theme Builder installed too along with Thrive Architect, then the top section is the title section. The top section looks very big and does not look good, removing it is a good idea, so users will be able to see the video background section right away. The bottom section is the call to action section with a button. If you do not intend to use the call to action, I would also recommend removing it too. The screenshot below shows how you can remove the top section, you can remove the bottom section in the same way.

STEP 3: Add a background section

Now from the Thrive Architect editor, add a background section, “stretch” the section to cover the full width of the screen. Then add a -40 px top margin to the top of the background section, so the gap at the top is removed. Please have a good look at the screenshots below.

STEP 4: Turn on video background section

Make sure that the background is selected, then scroll down and turn on the “Video Background” option under “Background Style”.

Make sure that the background is selected, then scroll down and turn on the “Video Background” option under “Background Style”.

Now select the source of the video as “YouTube”. After you select that option, you will get a field to insert the YouTube video link that you would like to use.

STEP 5: Copy the YouTube video URL and insert

Now simply copy the link of your YouTube video and simply paste it in the required field. You can copy the youtube video link by right clicking on the video and copy the video url.

After pasting in the YouTube video link in the field, make sure to hit enter. The video should immediately start playing.

Now set a minimum height of 500 px to the background section, so most of the video fits in and it looks nice.

STEP 6: Add a dark overlay and text to the background video

Firstly add a dark overly to the background video, so that the text we will be embedding on the video will be clearly visible and stand out.

In the end, this is how your finished super modern Thrive Architect video background will look like.

Final Words

So this is how you make a nice looking video background section using Thrive Architect. Hope you have found this blog useful. If you need any kind of help, then please feel free to contact me.