Why Gutenberg is a blessing for wordpress bloggers

Why Gutenberg is a blessing for WordPress Bloggers

Classic Editor VS Gutenberg

For years and years, WordPress users have seen the classic editor. Most plugins and themes in the WordPress directory as well as many premium themes from the themeforest used classic editor as their main platform.

When the news of Gutenberg hit the WordPress community, they absolutely lost their freaking minds. But why?! This is because Gutenberg didn’t support most popular themes and page builders such as Thrive Architect, Elementor, Divi and so on.

But most people completely ignored the fact that Gutenberg was only in its beta form! It was only a plugin. People completely ignored some of the good features of Gutenberg. In this blog, I am going to discuss some useful features of Gutenberg which is making the lives of bloggers easier!

Gutenberg Features which are making the lives of Bloggers easier

1. Buttons

If you have used WordPress, I am sure that you know very well about the classic editor. To me, it is just a place to dump texts and other contents. While I was transferring some blogs for a client from the old website with the classic editor to a new website with Gutenberg. I noticed some shortcodes for buttons! Yes folks, people used shortcodes to embed a simple button in the classic editor. But now with Gutenberg, I can easily embed a button and insert a link into it visually.


While I was writing a blog for my website, I thought it would be really nice if I could put some texts beside the image. It would be much easier for the reader to digest the information. But nope! The classic editor does not have that option! I still have to use a bunch of shortcodes just to show columns. Fortunately, Gutenberg has the option of columns now.

It is nice to see this text beside the coffee, not below it, right??

3.HTML Input

In the classic editor, it was very irritating to insert some HTML codes. Firstly, you switch to the text editor, then find the right spot, insert the codes and then again switch back to the visual editor. I can definitely call this “A PAIN IN THE ASS”. But now, Gutenberg has an HTML block, making it super quick to inset a bunch of HTML codes. This is mainly required to add some ad codes, insurance calculator codes. See the HTML clock below I have inserted using the HTML block of Gutenberg.

4. Custom Font-size for Paragraph

If you want to increase the font size of a piece of text in Gutenberg, you won't have to give it a custom class/id, then add a bunch of CSS. Just set the font size using the Gutenberg editor!

This a 23px font-size, set by Gutenberg Visual Editor

5. Adding Background Color to Texts

Want to add a background color to a piece of text, it is extremely easy with Gutenberg!

This is a some text with colored background!!

6. The Cover Block

There is a very cool block in Gutenberg called "Cover". This allows you to add texts over an image!!

This is a very Cool Block!!


I could go on and on about the benefits of using Gutenberg, it is you who need to experience it. Make contents with this amazing piece of software and feel the difference! It Makes the life a lot easier for blogger, affiliate marketers etc.

Will Gutenberg Drive Thrive Architect, Elementor and Divi out of business?

I don't think so. Gutenberg is much much better than the classic editor for writing blogs. But when it come to designing pages with complex design concepts, it is not even close!!

I would suggest bloggers, just to enjoy Gutenberg and create tons of contents with it!

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