Create Social Media Graphics in 5 Minutes

Create Social Media Graphics in 5 Minutes

As of now in 2019 social media is the best way to interact with people and make new friends. But not only that, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube is also the best way to find new clients and start a new business.

But… no one wants to read your boring gigantic posts, a big pile of texts! It doesn’t matter if you have a Ph.D. or a Masters Degree, a big pile of boring text is a big pile of boring text.

The best way to grab a user’s attention is through visuals. Images, colors, fonts symmetry and so on. But you might think, that you need a graphics designer for that. But don’t you think it’s a ton of trouble to keep looking for a graphics designer every time you create a new Facebook post or need a YouTube Thumbnail for a new video?

Well, you do not need to hire a graphics designer, or even get close to one. You don’t even need to buy and install the complicated Photoshop software and learn to use it.

I have a better way, following which you can create your own social media graphics for free, that too within 5 minutes!

Introducing Canva

Canva is an amazing website! It allows anyone to create amazing looking social media graphics for FREE! Canva is a web-based software, which means you do not have to install it. Just create a new account and you are ready to go. There are both free and premium plans. But the free plan is more than enough for everyday use. Interface

A ton of Free Templates!

Canva has tons of free ready made templates which you can tweak or modify according to your needs. These templates have the right fonts, colors, spacing etc. No need to make design anything from scratch, simply choose the right template and modify! Also no need to get in touch with a graphics designer. Practice for a few times and you will get better and better.

Facebook Cover Templates in

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