godaddy vs bluehost

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting is Crap to Bluehost

As a WordPress Professional, I work lots of clients on a regular basis to make websites for them, maintaining their blogs, fixing stuff, etc.

Nowadays WordPress is extremely popular because it is extremely easy to use and provides tons of functionalities to the users. So hosting these days are providing specialized type of hosting for WordPress called “Managed WordPress” hosting.

I have worked on several WordPress websites, some of them have GoDaddy hosting, while some of them have Bluehost. 

This is not your typical review blog, but a rant on GoDaddy WordPress hosting for some of the issues I had with them. And some ways another alternative such as bluehost is better.

Updating Plugins Breaking the Website

One of the major issues I faced with GoDaddy is updating the plugins themes etc. Whenever I tried to update plugins which haven’t been updated for a while completely broke the site. When when I tried to update some common plugins such as Yoast SEO, and common themes such as OceanWP. It completely broke the WordPress site resulting in “HTTP Error 500”. In the end I had to delete the faulty plugin via FTP, this wasted a lot of my time and energy.

One thing I noticed about Bluedaddy is that the plugins and themes are always updated. WordPress websites hosted by Bluehost seems to auto update their themes and plugins. I never needed to update any themes or plugins in a Bluehost website.

GoDaddy Interface is Highly Confusing

GoDaddy backend interface is one of the most confusing interface I have worked till now.  It is really difficult to make sense of this and some actions can easily ruin stuffs. It took me hours to figure out how to install a SSL certificate, install WordPress in a domain etc. 

GoDaddy Support is Rubbish

Now lets come to the GoDaddy support, it is one of the worst support I have ever seen in my life. Their live that is rubbish, and most of the times they show that their live chat is not active as all of their support agents are busy.

On top of the bad quality support, they are always trying to sell extra packages, services etc, which is quite annoying.


If you are looking for an option to host your WordPress website, then GoDaddy is easily one of the worst. I would suggest you keep your domains you purchased on GoDaddy while getting the hosting from Bluehost or even other hosting providers.

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