Change the Footer Color of Thrive Theme Ignition

I love Thrive Themes and their plugins. They have about 10 themes in total, I am not going to name all of them. One of the Themes I most prefer for making websites for my clients is “Ignition” theme from Thrive. My clients prefer I use one of the Thrive Themes along with Thrive Architect to build the site. So everything is integrated perfectly.

Even though it is really easy to change the header color of the Ignition theme to the one you want to (Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize>Header). But there is no option to change the footer color! Which means you are stuck with the default footer color from Thrive!

This is how the footer looks by default:

Thrive Theme Ignition default footer color

This is absolutely unacceptable as you would want to change the footer color with to match your brand colors.

Step By Step Instructions to Change the Footer Color of Ignition Theme

Firstly, make sure you are at the backend of the WordPress dashboard. Then go to Appearance > Customize

Thrive Themes customizer

Then click on “Additional CSS

Thrive Themes additional CSS input option

Then paste in the following code below. Please remember to change the hex color to your desired color. I am using an ugly green color just to show you.

footer .ftw {
background: #44bd32;

This is how the footer should look after you print the exact code above. Once again reminding you to change the hex color code to the one you want.

Changing Thrive Themes footer background color

To change the background of the lower footer, containing the copyright links. Please paste in the code below. I am using a dark blue for this example.

footer .copy {

background: #273c75;

After you exactly paste the color code, your footer should look like the image below.

In Conclusion

Thrive Themes is an awesome group of developers providing advanced functionalities which would have cost you thousands of dollars. But customizing their themes is a bit complicated. So if you need professional help with customizing Thrive Themes, please feel free to contact me.
You can also use messenger to contact me, just click on the icon floating in the lower right corner of your screen.