Embed Insurance Calculator in Elementor WordPress

This blog will show you how you can easily embed an insurance quote calculator in your WordPress blog made with Elementor or Elementor Pro page builder.

It is absolutely essential for you to let your potential clients to get a quote about different type of life insurance or any other type of insurance offers directly from your WordPress website. 

You can simply do this by embedding an insurance calculator. Please follow the following steps to learn how you can embed an insurance calculator in Elementor WordPress.

Step 1: Add a new section

In Elementor, the very first thing you do is add a section. And after that you can add in the different elements you need to. You can do that simply by clicking the pink circle with the plus icon.

Step 2: Embed the HTML Elementor

Most insurance calculators are a bunch of JS(JavaScript) codes. You can use the HTML element by Elementor to embed the calculator. 

In the search bar, simply write “HTML” and then choose the HTML marked. This HTML element is by Elementor, and it will work perfectly fine.

Step 3: Paste in the Insurance Calculator Codes

Then simply past the HTML codes in the HTML element, if the codes are correct. Then the insurance calculator should show up. As shown in the image below.


I hope this blog have helped you out and you have been easily able to insert the calculator in your WordPress blog made with Elementor. This method would also work perfectly fine with other page builders such as Thrive Architect, Divi, Beaver builder etc.

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