Top 5 ways Elementor Pro is better than Thrive Architect

Top 5 Ways Elementor Pro is better than Thrive Architect

Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect are two heavyweight page builders in the WordPress community. There are other visual page builders such as Divi, Beaver Builder etc. But I mainly watched these two very closely.

I mainly started working as a Freelancer with Elementor Pro, but I slowly switched to Thrive Architect as the Thrive Themes community seemed to have more clients.

But still as of February 2019, I believe that Elementor is a far better page builder than Thrive Architect.

I am going to list down below 5 ways how Elementor Pro is better than Thrive Architect.

1. Slider

Thrive Architect does not have a slider. This is quite annoying. Most client ask me for logo carousel, image carousel, header slider etc. In reply I simply told them that Thrive Architect does not have the slider option. But later on I bought the Slider Revolution plugin to solve this issue.

2. Free Version

Elementor provides a free version to use! Their free version is not an absolute crap like the beaver builder one. You can actually make a really good looking website with it!

On the other hand, Thrive Architect does not have a free version. You have to buy the plugin, only then you get to experience the plugin!

3. Pricing

For a single website, Thrive Architect costs $67 and on the other hand Elementor Pro for a single site only costs $49. BUT Thrive Architect does provide unlimited free updates, Elmentor Pro doesn’t.

4. Theme Builder

With Elementor Pro, you can take total control of your Theme. You can make custom blog archive, single blog post, product archive, single product archive really easily! Not only that, you can also integrate Advanced Custom Fields with Elementor Pro and do awesome stuffs.

Nothing I mentioned above is present in Thrive Architect. After 3 freakin months I figured out how to nicely customize their theme headers and footers. I also need to use tons of CSS codes to do that!

They promised a theme builder in 2018, but still they haven’t released it yet! It is still in the beta form.

5. Updates

The updates of Thrive Architect plugin between 2018-2019 have been just awful. Whenever I tried to update Thrive Architect it gave me a HTTP 500 Error. I had to delete Thrive Architect plugin via the FTP, then reinstall it using the product manager.

On the other hand, there are no such issues with Elementor, it almost updates immediately without such issues.


If you are a big Thrive Architect fan, then I am sorry for hurting your feelings. You might have a different opinion and and I am totally fine with that.

But you do need help with any of the two plugins, I can help. Please feel free to contact me.

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