How to Make a Full Width Thrive Architect Page in Thrive Theme Builder

Most people buy the Thrive Themes Membership, install all the Thrive Themes and plugins including Thrive Theme Builder (Shapeshift theme) and Thrive Architect. But when they try to go on and make a full with page using Thrive Architect, then they face a very common issue.

When you have the Thrive Theme Builder installed, then create a new page and try to edit it with Thrive Architect, you will see that that whatever contents you are trying add are surrounded by spaces on either sides. There are also spaces in the top and bottom. Please have a look at the screenshot below to understand the issue most new users of Thrive Architect face.

When you will try to create a full width Thrive Architect page in the Thrive Theme Builder page layout, there are several things which will prevent you from doing that. They are:

  • The large title section at the top of the page
  • The large call to action section at the bottom of the page
  • Space at the top and bottom of the page content
  • Space on either sides of the page content

Let me show you step by step of how you can tackle each of the issues one at a time and properly learn how to create a very nice 

STEP 1: Create a new page and edit with Thrive Architect

From the WordPress back end, create a new page, give it a name, save it as a draft, and then edit with Thrive Architect.

creating a new page and editing with thrive architect

STEP 2: Remove the top section (title section)

Now remove the large title section from the top of the page. By going to the visibility section of Thrive Architect and then hiding the top section. Please have a look at the screenshot below. Enlarge the image by clicking on it.


STEP 3: Remove the bottom section (Call to Action section)

Remove the bottom section in the same way you removed the top section. By going to the Thrive Architect visibility settings and then hiding the bottom section.


STEP 4: Add a background section

Now add the background section from Thrive Architect. After adding the background section, set the background color to #f0f0f0, then set the minimum height of the background section to 500px. This step is necessary because we need to be able to visibly see the background section, so we can see that it actually covers the full width after doing the steps below.


STEP 5: Removing the spacing from the sides

To remove the spacing for both the sides of the background section, under the “Main Options” turn on the option “Stretch to fit screen width”.

STEP 6: Removing the top and bottom spacing

To remove the top and bottom gap from the background section, simply add a -40px margin to the top and bottom of the background section.



So this is how easily create a 100% full width page in Thrive Architect in the default Thrive Theme Builder default page layout. Follow these 6 easy steps and you can do the same.