Does Elementor affect SEO of WordPress page

Elementor is an amazing page builder, it is extremely easy to use and is one of my favorite page builder. I use it on a daily basis to make new pages or post new blogs both for me and my clients. But most people who are new to WordPress have one simple question in mind, does elementor affect the SEO of a WordPress page or post?

And my simple answer is “NO”

It is very easy to claim anything, but I do have a proof to back it up. I have been blogging since January 2018, and now I get more than 3,000 visitors in my two websites. Not only that, it is increasing very very fast! 


So I have a chemistry website called “IGCSE & IAL Chemistry“. In that website I get over 2,500 visitors mainly from USA and UK students. I have made this site about one year ago. When I was posting my first blogs, I was either using the WordPress classic editor or the new Gutenberg editor. I used to believe in a myth that Elementor is bad for SEO, it is better to post blogs with the default WordPress editor so Google can easily crawl the website.

But this made my life extremely difficult because both the classic and gutenberg wordpress editors are backend editors. It is absolutely impossible to tell of how the site would look in the front end. I had to switch repeatedly between the front-end and the backend, reloading the page to see how it actually looked. I used to spend most the time fixing the looks of the front-end instead of focusing on creating new articles. And finally when I grew absolutely tired, I started to use Elementor to post my blog posts. And I was amazed and surprised with the results I saw.


Here are some data from my Google Analytics report. I have hidden the URLs due to my privacy reasons. The URLs which are covered with black are posts which I posted with classic editor/gutenberg about one year ago. The url which is covered with red is the post which I posted with Elementor only about Two months ago. There are over 35+ posts in that site. So the article which I posted with Elementor skipped over many other posts over a year old and is now among one of the top 10 viewed pages of my site.

elementor seo results

Why the improvement in traffic and ranking?

The reason for this quite obvious, using Elementor, made my blog post look clean and improved the user experience. This decreased the bounce rate and improved my google search rankings. Another explanation is that, when I started to use Elementor, I focused on more creating more quality contents instead of worrying about how the post would look like, because I am already seeing the post as I am creating it live.

Elementor vs yoast seo

Most people complain that they cannot see the Yoast “SEO” and “Readability” scores while editing a blog with Elementor. Yes, that is true, but to be honest you do not need to worry about those scores way too much! I still remember that how I wasted several hours trying to turn all the score indicators to green. The truth is, those do no matter so much! I have blogs with orange scores which gets hundreds of page views per day. You should mainly focus and spend the bulk of your time creating quality contents instead of wasting your time trying to turn each and every one of those indicators to green.

How to manage Elementor and Yoast?

Firstly figure out a good title with your Keyword in it. Then create a wordpress post with that title, set a nice featured image(make sure to add alt description), add a meta-description to the post using the Yoast SEO options at the bottom, choose a category. After you have made sure that you have done all the above, simply go to elementor and start creating your blog, do not look back! Focus only creating good contents, don’t worry about those stupid indicators. Just remember to do some good SEO practices, such as creating some links to your other blogs within the website. You can also link to some articles in other websites. 


I hope that this blog helped you out and removed the myth that elementor negatively affect your SEO. In fact it is better for your post/page SEO. I would suggest you to create beautiful and helpful blogs for your viewers. Please view some of the other blogs in my website, you might find something more useful.