Connecting a Bluetooth speaker with Linux Mint laptop

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker with Linux Mint laptop

Nowadays with all the hassles with viruses and unexpected updates in Windows OS, Linux is becoming rapidly popular. Just by watching a few tutorial videos on YouTube, you can easily install Linux on any one of your old laptop and get started in minutes.

Among the many popular Linux distros, Linux Mint is one of the most popular. So I installed Linux Mint on my old Acer laptop. But the sad thing is that it’s speaker was bad, cracking noises and low sound. So instead of going through all the hassles of changing the laptop speaker I simply bought a Bluetooth speaker instead.

Linux Mint easily connected to my Bluetooth speaker and I was ready to go in seconds. Please watch the video below in which I show how to connect a Bluetooth speaker with a Linux Mint laptop. I am also providing a few links from Amazon from where you can buy a Bluetooth speaker for a low price.

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India $1295