Unlock the true potential of Google Ads - with the right copy.™

Get greater leads. Get high quality clients. Unlock the top performance of your Google Ads – by optimizing the copy of your Campaigns, Landing Pages, Messaging, Emails, and Marketing Strategies. 

"Better copy unlocks the potential of Google Ads" - say our happy clients

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Google Ads copy specialist?

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What We Believe that copy creates conversations

Your campaigns and landing pages can be set up as perfectly as possible, if you don’t work on the copy, they won’t sell as good as they should.

We believe that the missing part in the equation is to have better copy in the ads and the landing pages.

Conversions are heavily affected by the quality of the copy.

Words are elements which can convey a message in a specific way.
Words convey meanings and do the selling. This cannot be denied.

Copy is the most important part and it’s the most neglected because people don’t have experience as professional copywriters, which are specialized in Google Ads.

We can take care of the copy of your landing page and campaigns by either adding to your team or taking over everything and optimizing it, Copy-based.

Advance Agency can:
Clear out the vision of your company
Study what are the best fixes
Optimize the landing page
Harmonize the landing page and Google Ads
Retarget the right clients through specific keywords.

Who is Behind
Advance Agency LLC?

The Founder: Ahmed Hssain, a professional Google Ads copywriter. “Native born copywriter”, and has a great passion for it. Worked on multiple projects and helped them improve their ads, landing pages which resulted in more and high paying clients.
Coached by one of the best, Google ads copywriter in the German-speaking world.

Received a bachelor’s degree in English-speaking world’s culture, history, politics and literature. Native-like level in English, Arabic & French.


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